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A social media focussing on self-development

A social media that people use to report their successes and failures, to get social accountability and support on your life goals. (basically DuoLingo/Strava style motivation but for everything) Key differentiators from other social medias: - Circles. You might have 4 friends in your fitness circle, 3 friends in your language learning circle, 8 friends in your entrepreneurial circle, etc. Only share the updates to the specific people that you want to. - Positive focussed mentality. We're here for improvement and growth, not selfies of fish lips or pictures of cats. - Integrate with personal project management tools (like Notion, Airtable, Monday, etc.) to push milestones and use the social angle to keep your projects moving forwards.

Wasn't LinkedIn supposed to be this? :) Love the circles idea
By anonymous 3 months ago
I'd make a Pictures of Cats circle just for us cat-picture enjoyers who can't actually get a cat
By Jamie Ray H. 3 months ago
This would be great.
By anonymous 3 months ago