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Databaseless Data

A way to store data without needing a database

It's possible, imagine how you store data encapsulated as objects in an application, (this is-memory) same way we need a way to persist this data so, that it can be accessed later. so, this leads to no database involved.
By Ryu 3 months ago
ur onto something
By tzu 3 months ago
Check out sqlite. A lot of people are using it for prototypes and then bringing it to production
By toast 3 months ago
There are services line you can build something similar I have some ideas you can contact me on my linkedIn:
By Shariq Hussain 3 months ago
how would this even be possible lol, like making a sandwich without bread. I guess this would be something like Airtable, but it's still a database
By noone 3 months ago