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Gig Economy - Micro task platform to work and earn money online

A platform should be an easy way to earn extra income through short tasks or micro work. An ecosystem made up of crucial concepts, which allows our users to earn cash online without investment or people can get their work done at an affordable price, simply you can find tasks that you're good at, do them, and get paid in USD. It should be a B2B or B2C model.

It's very good idea!! I know the one website this is relevant to this idea. Here is the link below:
By Feni 3 months ago
Wonderful idea! it should help people to earn more in their daily routine.
By Armani Black 3 months ago
"Digital workerbees dot com" is really great website, you should try it! They are giving a bonus of $0.50 for the new year.
By Unbounded soul 3 months ago
check out
By anonymous 3 months ago