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More than a Job Board

A job board that uses personality, intelligence, and aptitude testing to optimize applications. Applicants use their test results to refine and filter roles that would be a good fit for them. Employers benefit by seeing how well the applicants fit to each job posting.

So, my biggest gripe with hiring/job boards at the moment is that they all advertise title, salary, location, and role. They tell you WHAT the job is. Soooommmeettimess they'll tell you the day to day, and more about the company dynamic (the HOW). But no site seems to tell you WHY the company exists (what problem they're solving), WHY the job exists (what pivotal role you'll play in solving that problem), and WHY you should apply (apply if you love X, care about Y, want to make Z happen, etc.). I actually want to start a company around the above, so your idea could fit into it? (I'll also make this its own dedicated posting on HBBI, just for more traction)
By Matt Stedman 2 months ago